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You can plan your perfect New Home and with so many options and amazing Builders most people ask what took so long. Well we are here and growing so be sure to share us with all your friends and family, we would love to hear from you. New features, Well we also love feedback and ideas so send us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to make your idea a realty if we can.

NHLS™’s is a web portal (vertically integrated portal solution) specifically designed to address the difficulty in identifying and purchasing new houses and condos by consumers. This is a fullstack built system that is mobile optimized to function on all devices.

Buyers can then establish a profile and using a basic or advanced set of search criteria, search for the type of new home they are looking for based on community, size of home, even the direction of the backyard, all at the buyers’ choice. The listings can have over 250 different fields, all dependent on what the Builder loads for information. They can then print all listings, set up a saved search and automate their searches to receive new listings as Builders load them on the site.


The Problem


BRAND NEW homes are not all advertised on MLS, and there is no centralized location to find all new homes from Builders and Developers. Buyers must search numerous websites and visit countless builder show homes to find what they are looking for.


Watch the Video that understand the problem and see the Solution. Watch the video.


"It's slick, its fast and can put money in your pocket!" CIR Realty - Watch the Video - Solution

Our Solution

NHLS™ is a highly user friendly, yet dynamic "one stop shop" to find everything related to new homes and connect direct to Builders and Developers without countless hours of research or wasted time visiting show homes that don't offer what they want.


Our System

NHLS™’s robust technology, designed with Builders for Builders, is not strictly another website for listing information. This is an interactive highly defined system that allows Builders to control their own content whenever they choose, ensuring brand clarity, consistent information and consumer confidence. 


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