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    Watch the Video Rules: No longer than 30 seconds Submission of your video to includes your agreement to allow us to post your video One winner for each city will be s...Read More
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    Not only does Toronto have top-notch private schools but also many public schools highly regarded for the quality of their educational offerings. Here are some of the best schools in Toronto.
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    If you move to Toronto, you'll be close to some incredible cuisine. Keep reading to learn more about the best restaurants in Downtown Toronto.
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    Besides the sheer livability of the city, there is a near-endless supply of things to do here. Take a look at some of the top attractions in Toronto that will keep you entertained and enthralled.
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    Whether you prefer to drive, bike or ride Toronto public transportation, you'll enjoy getting to your destination. Here are some of the best ways to get around Toronto.
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    Phase 8: Time to Move in! Finally. The big day has finally arrived, but wait Did you arrange for power to be hooked up to the house? Energy for heating? Taxes? Movers? New Furniture? Perhaps you wa...Read More
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    Phase 7: You bought the House, now it’s a waiting game, or is it? You want to be sure to follow up with the Builder on your progress regularly and go for a visit often to see how the progress goe...Read More
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    Phase 5: Okay You’re Ready to make the Purchase official Always obtain legal advice before buying a brand-new home as the contract and details can be overwhelming even for those who often read co...Read More
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    Phase 6: Deal Signed, now how do I pay for my new home? Don't Automatically Use the Builder's Lender. Some Builders will offer this to you as part of the package, but do spend some time thinking ab...Read More
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    Phase 4: Verify Your Options and Upgrade Pricing Now that you have decided on the Builder and the right Plan you are going to Build for your family, it’s time to talk about options and overall pr...Read More