PMA Brethour Real Estate Inc.

South Airdrie, Alberta

Attitude, Enthusiasm, Teamwork

Live Positive!

Setting us apart from the competition with a passion for excellence, innovation and above all a positive attitude.

“When all is said and done, more is often said than done.”… A favourite quotation of Andrew’s since taking the leadership role of President of PMA in 1989. Andrew started with PMA in 1977 and with a background in urban planning, created Housing Data Reports, which became the foremost data authority in the Toronto and Ottawa Real Estate markets. HDR merged in 2001 to form Real Net Canada. Ottawa Real Market Reports continues today as an exclusive PMA service. Andrew, now Chairman and CEO, operates with a fundamental PMA credo that “attitude makes all the difference”.

Both Riley and Andrew have been honoured with a place in BILD’s Hall of Fame and in 2012 Andrew was privileged to receive from the NAHB in the United States, the “Legends of Residential Marketing Award”, the first Canadian so honoured.

Since 1964 PMA has reflected a positive approach toward everything we do

As one of Canada’s premiere Real Estate Firms, PMA has become a leader in the sale of new homes across the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Calgary in Canada, San Francisco and Florida in the United States. For 50 years the PMA family has embraced a simple yet powerful cornerstone – attitude, enthusiasm and teamwork make all the difference. PMA Brethour Realty Group sells over 3,000 homes annually and provides over 50 different clients across Canada and the United States with unparalleled professional service.

Established by the legendary Riley Brethour in 1964, PMA was founded on the principle of enthusiasm and Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).  In the development industry when all the “bricks and sticks” are the same or copied in 30 days – what distinguishes the Builder Developer from one another is often their public face … their sales team. What distinguishes a marketing and sales service company like PMA is the distinct character of the individual members of the team.  We are not really in the REAL ESTATE business but we are in the RETAIL business.  When you are in the RETAIL business you are really in the PEOPLE business.  When you are in the PEOPLE business you’re in the EMOTION business and the managing of EXPECTATIONS.  Since 1964, PMA for now over 50 years has reflected a positive and enthusiastic approach toward all aspects of our service business – to our industry, our clients, and our team.

The cornerstone tenets of PMA are:

  • Resilience: to have the ability to get up and go again despite any adversity.
  • Stamina: to have the strength of character and physical health to persevere and preserve.
  • Magnanimity: to give back to those in need, both financially and spirituality.
  • Enthusiasm: to meet each day and each other with a smile and a positive attitude to conquer and overcome any obstacle.

Attitude makes all the difference … Embrace the possibilities.

The 10 PMA Professional Pointers

1.  RELIABILITY:  Your office opens early and closes late.

2.  APPEARANCE:  First impressions are vital.  What’s yours?

3.  CONSISTENT SALES:  Make something happen!  Don’t babysit.

4.  COMPETITIVE KNOWLEDGE:  Knowledge is Power!

5.  PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE:  Leads to confidence in overcoming any objection.

6.  FOLLOW UP:  Callbacks lead to Be Backs.

7.  SELF-IMPROVEMENT:  The Real Estate industry changes … keep up & reinvent!

8.  PMA BOOSTER:  A Positive Mental Attitude ! Have the right attitude.

9.  ZEAL:  Personal enthusiasm improves your sales success.

10. BUILDER RESPECT:  Maintain an open communication.



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