Macdonald Development Corporation

Calgary, Alberta

Macdonald Development recognizes our responsibilities beyond the financial aspects of our work. We believe that creating jobs and supporting a healthy economy is integral to our work. We support philanthropic causes in every community where we do business.

Respect for Community

We believe that the general public, including businesses and volunteer organizations, must be considered in all of our development plans. In fact, our process always includes a thorough consultation with local stakeholders, recognizing that our activities can often have a significant impact on our neighbours. It is our commitment as corporate citizens to contribute to making our shared communities sustainable places in which to live and work.

MDC built the new universal access SkyTrain station on property it owns at Granville and Dunsmuir Street in downtown Vancouver. This required working closely with the B.C. Transit Authority to integrate the new station with our mixed-use Hudson development. Savings to the Province of B.C. exceeded $25 million.


Respect for the Land

We believe that each piece of land is precious, unique, and ultimately irreplaceable. Since all of our developments affect the environment in one way or another, we take a very long-term view of our activities, creating conditions for economic stability and healthy habitats.

In the redevelopment of Britannia Beach, MDC donated some 9,500 acres of land to the government of B.C. to allow for remediation of a former copper mine. With the clean-up measures fully implemented for a number of years now, 2011 saw fish returning to Britannia Creek for the first time in over seventy years.


Commitment to Home Ownership

We believe that purchasing a home is the most important transaction that most people ever undertake. We see part of our role as trusted advisors to help purchasers make informed decisions about their new homes.

MDC’s Custom Home Guide is a free publication (with accompanying video) that sets out the basic steps required to build a home. In it, we share valuable information accumulated over decades of experience in the custom home business, as well as bringing in recognized experts from the fields of architecture, construction, and interior design. We provide this guide as a resource for our customers, colleagues, and collaborators – and for anyone who requests a copy.


Planning for the Future

We believe that the long-term prosperity of our communities relies on fostering dialogue between various levels of government, the public, and industry. Our success involves planning for the long term, looking for balanced growth that will leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Macdonald Development worked closely with the City of Vancouver and Wall Financial Corporation to expand the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver as a component of the Capitol development. The project includes the construction of a new rehearsal and recital hall and a School of Musical Excellence for the benefit of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The benefit to the Arts Community and the City of Vancouver exceeded $15 million.

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