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New Homes for Sale in Mayfair, Calgary 

Mayfair is located has access to many recreational facilities such as Heritage Park and the extensive pathway system around the Glenmore reservoir.  Mayfair has direct access to downtown, being approximately six kilometres away via Elbow Drive. Elbow River Valley is another amenity enjoyed by residents in Bel-Aire and Mayfair. Refer to Bel-Aire/Mayfair page for more community information. 

For residents or visitors, transit can be accessed with the LRT on the east side of MacLeod Trail. As well, the community is only 15 minutes away to downtown when you take this major road. Just off of Elbow Drive in the community of Britannia, there is a small shopping area for convenience, north of these two neighbourhoods. May-fair is within easy walking distance to a wide green space and all-season sports from the reservoir. You can find just about anything to do, travel to, or shop for in this area of Calgary. 

Photo: Great-news

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