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New Homes for Sale in Lakewood Suburban Centre

Lakewood Suburban Centre is located in south-east Saskatoon and has minimal residential options, with the majority being low-rise condominiums and townhouses. The commercial options include groceries, restaurants and various services that also serve neighbouring communities.

Commercial options include Dennis Your Independent Grocer, Boston Pizza, Subway, Shoppers Drug Mart and more. Various services are also included in the strip malls, such as a chiropractor and a salon & spa.

Lakewood shares Hyde Park with the new neighbouring development of Rosewood. The marsh is home to various species of plants and animals. With 123 acres of naturalized wetlands, it’s easy to see why this area is such a draw. Lakewood’s second park includes Trounce Pond, a stormwater retention pond that allows for skating and hockey during the winter months, and non-motorized boating in the summer months.

The location of Lakewood gives convenient access to the Wildwood Golf Course, Lakewood Civic Centre and the University of Saskatchewan, making it a desirable community to live in. 

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