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New Homes for Sale in Evergreen

Evergreen is a newer neighbourhood found in northeast Saskatoon. The area provides single-family homes and multi-family homes at a variety of price points. The community earned its name from the two rows of 50-year old Scots Pine trees that have been preserved to create an urban forest.   

Once completed, Evergreen will be a sustainable urban village. Bordered by the Northeast Swale to the north, the Forestry Farm Park & Zoo to the west, and land dedicated to agricultural research to the east and south, you’ll never have to worry about losing the small-town feel or being far from nature. With over 42 acres of park space and a commercial development planned, residents won’t have to travel far to go where they need. A “Green Bridge” will allow pedestrians and cyclists easy access to both ends of the community without the reliance of a vehicle.

Not only will you be close to nature and park space, but the streets are specifically aligned to give houses the full benefit of the sun. This allows residents the opportunity to incorporate solar energy into their homes. An LED street-lighting system is just another example of what Evergreen is doing to be more ecologically friendly.

The University Heights Suburban Centre is the closest commercial development, offering retail, restaurants, groceries and more. 

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