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New Homes for Sale in Downtown, Calgary

Downtown has been established as one of Calgary’s best mixed-use areas. Uptown 17th is one  of Calgary’s Business Revitalization Zones, and it serves as a cultural dense area for people of all kinds. Residents have close access to plenty of little restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and alternative cinema. Entertainment is absolutely in no shortage when you live in the Downtown community. This area comes to no surprise as being one of the biggest and fastest growing neighbourhoods with condominium projects. The community’s short proximity to amenities allows residents to easily see an accessible career life in Calgary.

There is a concentration of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops in the prime streets of downtown. These streets are known as 17th avenue, 4th st,  10th avenue, and 8th avenue. Each prime street is known for its own unique take with art, cuisine, and nightlife. During the 2004 playoff run with Calgary’s NHL team, 17th avenue was nicknamed as the “Red Mile.” Hundreds of thousands of people crowded the street during those game nights. Finally, the world-renowned Calgary Stampede brings excitement to the Beltline community every year. If you are looking for a fast-paced and exciting experience in Calgary, then Downtown is exactly where you need to be. Depending on the apartment complex you live in, you can have access to private gyms and pools for residents. There are numerous outdoor parks within the beltline that can also provide coffee dates and afternoon walks. 


Condo Projects in Downtown

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