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The houses for sale in Mckinley Beach, Kelowna is a wonderful place to call home. While being just off the lake shore, the community of Mckinley Beach is in close proximity to high quality schools, and numerous tourist attractions. Explore the community of Mckinley Beach today! 

Minutes from the lake 

The homes in Mckinley Beach are off the lake shore of Okanagan Lake. Fortunately, the community of Mckinley Beach has an abundance of community and private beaches nearby. The Dewdney Road Beach Access offers swimming, and walking trails. With a gorgeous rocky mountain view, enjoy the luxury of having easy water access. 

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High quality schools nearby 

Conveniently, the houses for sale in Kelowna are nearby to many elementary schools. Some schools include North Glenmore Elementary and Watson Road Elementary. These high quality elementary schools are less than 15 minutes away from the community of Mckinley Beach. 

George Elliot Secondary is one of the high quality secondary schools in the area. With great leadership programs, expect the students that attend to be very involved in the school. George Elliot Secondary offers future planning resources like counseling and career programs to prepare the students for post secondary education.

Exciting tourist attractions 

The community of Mckinley Beach has numerous tourist attractions nearby. Enjoy a day trip with your friends and family to exciting new places without the hassle of a long drive. Some attractions include the Oyama Zipline Adventure Park, the Okanagan Heritage Museum, and the Kelowna Corn maze. 

The Kelowna Corn Maze 

The Kelowna corn maze is a seasonal attraction in the fall. Suitable for all ages, visit the kid friendly corn maze for a great day trip with friends or family. The Kelowna corn maze has a yearly spooky Halloween event. With an affordable entrance fee, enjoy the ongoing seasonal events that the Kelowna corn maze has to offer. 

The Okanagan Heritage Museum 

Learn about the natural and human history of Kelowna at the Okanagan Heritage Museum. Explore the fascinating displays that create an interactive visual of the interesting history of Kelowna. 

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Major roads and highways 

The new homes in Mckinley Beach had a quick commute to Kelowna city center. By taking the major roads and highways such as Glenmore Road North, Bernard Ave, and Okanagan Hwy, the commute to Kelowna city center is less than 25 minutes away. 

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The house in Mckinley Beach, Kelowna, BC makes a great place to call home. While having easy access to the city, enjoy being minutes from lake shore, having high quality schools nearby and exciting tourist attractions within the area. Find your new home in Mckinley Beach today!

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