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Glenmore is an older, well established neighbourhood, on the north side of Kelowna.

It boasts of larger, mature properties. It has experienced tremendous growth recently, with new townhomes and condos popping up. Close to many schools, churches, shops, restaurants and Kelowna’s downtown, it is a great, family friendly area to buy a home!


Glenmore is convenient because it’s near the downtown core, but is still centrally located. It’s close to amenities such as grocery stores, The Apple Bowl, Parkinson Rec Centre and Orchard Park Mall.

Great for a First-Time Buyer

Even though Glenmore has been part of Kelowna for a long time, it is vibrant and more importantly, affordable.  This is great for a first-time buyer, as there’s all types of living choices to choose from. 
Glenmore is suitable for buyers with all types of budgets! Whether you’re a single family or a student looking to rent, there is something here for everyone.

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