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How to start Home search?

New Home Listing Service September 19, 2019

Step 1: Start Your Research Early

Buying a new home is far more detailed than buying a new TV or new car and will likely be the most important decision AND investments you ever make for your family. Many of our parents will readily admit they “wish they had known” ……… is the time to seek and find the best home and investment opportunity for you and your family.

Start researching as early as possible. Many of us assume that there is only a limited number of Builders in the city you come from. We make this assumption because those are the Builders that do the majority of the mass marketing and so it’s not hard to see why you come to this conclusion. Reality is that there will undoubtedly be FAR more Builders than you even though…in fact your favorite real estate agent most likely isn’t aware of many more than you are and often the ones they take you to are the few they have experience or a relationship with. 

For example in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada,  the population in 2016 according to Census Canada is only 295,095 and yet there are 120+ Builders in the city, some of which only building 1-2 homes a year, but others building 100’s.