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Homes for Sale in Aspen Gardens, Edmonton

Aspen Gardens was built in the southwest of Edmonton during the 60’s and 70’s. The community was once known as the outskirts of the city for residents who wanted both urban and rural lifestyles. At the time of expansion, this neighbourhood prided itself on having some of the largest, most spaced out lots in the city. Nestled beside The Derrick Golf and Winter Club, this community has continued to spark interest for families of all kinds.

Whitemud Creek Ravine and 122 Street border Aspen Gardens. There are many pathways for pedestrians and cyclists that surround the area, making it the perfect place to step out your door and enjoy nature activities. This community has been well known as staying tight knit and carries a sense of exclusivity, depending on the area within the greater Century Park area. The linear street grid that was established with the original development has been proven to be successful by giving residents easy navigation through the neighbourhood. The family friendly environment has single residency homes for sale and duplexes with master builders. Most importantly, this subdivision uses natural landscaping and forestry pockets to keep the peaceful feel. Whether you live in the main division of the Aspen Garden Estates, you will find a place to feel home with here. 



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