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Discover the new houses for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga!

The new houses for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga are located in a sought after location. Enjoy the convenience of being in close proximity to Toronto city center, while also having easy access to a variety of amenities including high rating schools, recreation centers, and fine dining restaurants. Discover the houses for sale in Streetsville today!

Delicious restaurants 

Streetsville new homes for sale are nearby a variety of fine dining restaurants. To name a few, Gabriel's Restaurant, Cagney's Restaurant, and Rogues Restaurant are some of the luxurious restaurants within the area of the new houses in Streetsville. Enjoy delicious cuisine less than 10 minutes from your new home in Streetsville. 

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Quality education

The houses for sale in Streetsville are located within the area of a variety of high quality elementary schools. Some schools include, St Joseph Elementary, Kendellhurst Academy, and Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic Elementary School. Conveniently, these high rating elementary schools are less than 5 minutes from the new houses for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga.

There are numerous secondary stores within close proximity to the new houses for sale in Streetsville. In fact, Streetsville Secondary School is within the community of Streetsville and therefore, walking distance. In addition, Rick Hansen Secondary School and St. Joseph Secondary School are less than 3 km away from the new homes in Streetsville. 

With great privilege, Streetsville new homes for sale have easy access to some of Canada's top universities and colleges. University of Toronto, Mississauga, McMaster University, Canadian College of Business, Science, & Technology are just some of the post secondary school options nearby. Enjoy the luxury of having prestigious post secondary schools ranging between 10- 30 minutes away. 

Inclusive recreation centers

The new houses for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga are within the area of multiple activity filled recreation centers. Offering an abundance of family friendly amenities, Vic Johnston Community Centre, as well as River Grove Community Centre are just 2 of the many recreation centers nearby. At less than 5 minutes away, enjoy the amenities offered at both facilities, including an indoor pool, a gymnasium which is available for “open gym”, outdoor playpark, and a fitness center. Explore the many exciting activities/ amenities at one of the many community centers nearby.

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Commute to Toronto city center

Streetsville new homes for sale have easy access to Toronto city center. Being walking distance from Streetsville GO Station, by taking the route to Union Station (downtown Toronto) the commute is conveniently less than 45 minutes. Alternatively, by taking the major roads and highways such as Gardiner Expy W, Queen Elizabeth Way, Erin Mills Pkwy, and Bay St, the commute to Toronto city center by car is less than 35 minutes. 

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The new houses for sale in Streetsville, Mississauga, are located in a great area to call home. Enjoy being near Toronto city center while also being in close proximity to a variety of schools, fine dining restaurants, and inclusive recreation centers. Find your new home in Streetsville today!

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