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The new houses for sale in Wallaceton, Kitchener are within a lovely community to call home. While being near Toronto city center, enjoy having easy access to a variety of amenities including a variety of retail stores, high quality education and inclusive recreation centers. Explore the new homes for sale in Wallaceton today!

Inclusive recreation centers

Wallaceton new homes for sale are in close proximity to numerous community inclusive recreation centers. Offering activities and programs designed to unite all members of the community, Doon Pioneer Park Community Center , Williamsburg Community Center and Country Hills Community Center, are conveniently located less then 10 minutes from the homes for sale in Wallaceton, Kitchener. 

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Offering a variety of programs for all ages, the Williamsburg Community Center is an admirable place for all. Programs offered include fitness classes, preschool, art classes, and sports such as basketball and soccer. Similarly, the adult programs available include technology classes, fitness classes, yoga and art programs. Enjoy the luxury of having a variety of activities to choose from. 

High quality education

Elementary schools within the area include Jean Steckle Public School, Janet Metcalfe Public School, as well as Brigadoon Public School. These high quality elementary schools are less than 5 km from the new houses for sale in Wallaceton.

The new housing community in Kitchener is near numerous high rating secondary schools. To name a few, St. Mary's High School and Preston High School are some of the secondary schools in the area. Less than 15 minutes away, these schools offer high quality academics and extracurricular activities to enrich the young minds of their students. 

With great privilege, the new homes for sale in Wallaceton have easy access to some of Canada's finest and most prestigious universities. Some universities include but are not limited to, University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and University of Guelph. Conveniently, these universities are less than 35 minutes away. 

Shopping centers and retail stores

The new houses in Wallaceton are in close proximity to a variety of shopping centers and plazas. At less than 10 minutes away, Williamsburg Town Center, Country Park Shopping Center and SmartCentres Kitchener are some of the nearby retail stores. Housing big box stores, grocers, fast food and clothing, enjoy the luxury of having shopping centers minutes away from Wallaceton new homes for sale. 

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Easy commute to Toronto city center

Wallaceton new homes for sale have a short commute to Toronto city center. By taking the major roads and highways such as Gardiner Expy W, ON-401 W, New Dundee Rd, Fischer-Hallman Rd, and Bay St, the community of Wallaceton is less than 70 minutes away. 

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The houses for sale in Wallaceton, Kitchener, are within the area of numerous admirable amenities. Enjoy the convenience of being nearby high quality schools, an abundance of retail stores, and inclusive recreation centers, while having easy access to Toronto city center. Find your new home in Wallaceton today!

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