New Home Key

New Home Key Overview

As an exclusive mobile app integrated with (NHLS™), New Home Key is the only rapid lead response system your sales team will ever need. 

Our Rapid Lead Response System is custom designed for builders, developed from a featured tool utilized at the enterprise level by some of the top real estate franchises in the world, and now available to builders only through Constellation HomeBuilder Systems and NHLS!


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Our Mobile App is the key to:

  • Gain complete control over lead response by capturing essential information and turning more prospects into customers with total lead management.

  • Dramatically increase response time for your sales staff and even external agents by monitoring their progress and providing insight that helps them understand and improve their performance.

  • Empower your sales team with the ability to respond anytime, anywhere – whether they are in the office, showing a listing, at the airport, or meeting with a client in a coffee shop – all with a few taps on your mobile device.



  • Direct inquiries funneled from NHLS to the mobile app

  • Rapid Response Management tools easily accessible from the app

  • Easy-to-use workflow to accept and update lead, assign a marketing campaign, and establish specific follow-up – all from the mobile app

  • Push notifications on important lead activity

  • Ability to instantly call, email, text, delay, or assign response on any lead received

  • Activity automatically documented for each lead to help sales understand and track their actions and performance

  • “Lead ingestion” system that allows you to drive all your leads from any source directly to a single app

  • CRM integration, ensuring leads are also ready for automated drip email campaigns (additional options available)