Winchester Builders

Calgary, Alberta


For more than 20 years, Winchester has built over 400 single and multi-family homes. We have extensive experience in the construction industry including: Architectural Design, Development Planning, Finance Acquisition, and Construction Implementation.

Beyond construction, President & CEO Paul Bergmann has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment. He has raised over $100 million in financing, built over $200 million in residential housing and renovated over 500 condominium units in ten individual projects.


Winchester is committed to completing quality work from start to finish. Building large projects and renovating distressed properties requires a commitment to get the job done. We have established a proven reputation for quality craftsmanship and service.

During Winchester’s 20+ years of service, we have repeatedly proven our commitment to our customers by finishing the job. When other companies have left in the middle of projects, we have not. Visit our Customer Testimonials page to see how committed we are to finishing projects and making our customers happy.


Winchester has mastered the techniques and overcome the challenges of building in the environment of northern Canada. Armed with our vast experience throughout Northern and Southern Alberta, you can rest assured that your home will withstand the elements for decades to come. We have established long lasting relationships with quality local trades and suppliers to ensure consistent product and service with fair value pricing.


Relying on over 20 years of real estate experience in Alberta, Winchester builds affordable homes – without compromising quality craftsmanship. Winchester offers exceptional service and communication throughout construction, has established relationships with reputable local trades and suppliers, knowledge and insight tailored to building in the Canadian climate, and attention to detail in follow-up work after possession. The end result? A quality product at outstanding value, a positive and stress-free experience, and peace of mind.

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