Wanson Group

Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Company

Unique but timeless. Consistent but innovative. Distinct but reliable.

These unwavering values have guided us from the first duplex we built in 1995 to the hundreds of projects that followed. Our vision remains the same — to create value for our homeowners, tenants, and partners.


At Wanson Group, we aren’t just about building top-quality homes. As a multifaceted company with a growing portfolio, we measure our success by our homeowners’ satisfaction and our partners’ pride in their long-term living investments. 

Our People

Our reputation matters to us; as do the people behind Wanson Group.

At Wanson, we describe our family as energetic, diverse, and forward thinking. But they are much more than words can convey; instead letting our work and service speaks for itself.


We’re proud of our team, and their dedication to ensuring that every home is at the highest level — in quality, craftsmanship, and value.

Our Values

We lead with the strongest of foundations in our values, before fortifying our projects and investments with the highest quality and customer service.