UrbanAge Homes Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta

Building is a passion at UrbanAge Homes. It is not a widget; not simply a house or project but rather it forms part of our legacy. We specialize in building recent advanced workings, modern homes that fall outside the realms of being vanilla. Our contemporary home designs are inspired by modern minimalism that lends our living spaces breathability, flexibility and flow.

Modern home design is all about combatting congestion. Our response is to find ways of incorporating changing lifestyles in the burbs and mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton and the surrounding areas, and radically infuse into every aspect of an UrbanAge Home. Life is benchmarked on quality. A home should also rep this by finding ways to bring the outside in and provide a modern home that people love living in.

So if you also feel that housing needs a radical revolution to create something more…simply that…more. Take this journey of rebellion with UrbanAge Homes and find a way for your home to represent how you live your life.

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