Times Group Corporation

Markham, Ontario

The True Story of a Real Development Company

For over thirty five years, we have planned and built some of the finest commercial and residential buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. We began with custom homes, and as our expertise and ability grew, so did the scope of our projects. Today we proudly call ourselves a premier Canadian owned and operated real estate development firm

Our expertise and experience reflect a culture of optimism, ambition and diligence. Whether you walk into the emblematic Times Square in Richmond Hill, a luxury high-rise condominium on King Street, picnic at an award-winning public park in Markham or have lunch at our Whole Foods Shopping Centre in Unionville, you will appreciate the difference made by good development and construction.

At Times, each project is an opportunity to improve. We are proud pioneers of luxury LEED® building and apply the best in planning, design and construction methods to our buildings. The result - projects that exemplify ingenuity, experience and attention to detail.

Within the Times Group family are Life Construction (our construction management company) and Times Property Management (our ACMO® 2000 property management division). Times, Life and TPM work seamlessly together to create communities that make sense, look incredible and last forever.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create modern, sustainable, and quality communities where beautiful homes, successful businesses and thriving economies can prosper and grow.

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