Tiffany Park Homes

Toronto, Ontario

Superior design and craftsmanship are at the heart of every Tiffany Park home

At Tiffany Park Homes we believe we’re earning our customer’s trust and respect with every home that we build. From our beginnings as a small family business, our commitment to quality construction and customer service has helped us to grow into one of the most reputable homebuilders in the GTA, with an enviable reputation of thousands of fine homes built over 20 years.

Each of the principals brings a different skill-set to the company — construction, design and management — and together, we have built a support team of professionals around us that ensure that we always create the finest possible homes and communities. We care about our customers, and we’re always prepared to go the extra mile to provide the highest quality of service. 

We Build Homes You Want To Come Home To

We believe that the ultimate proof of Tiffany Park homeowner satisfaction can be seen in the many referrals of friends and relatives made by Tiffany Park homeowners over the years. We also believe that the fact that many of our new homebuyers are previous Tiffany Park homeowners demonstrates that once you’ve experienced the exceptional quality of a Tiffany Park home, you simply won’t want to live in a home built by anybody else.


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