The Statesman Group of Companies

Calgary, Alberta

Nearing a quarter of a Century, The Statesman Group of Companies has been acclaimed for its enrichment of innovative and creative communities that are featured in various publications as signature hallmarks.

Dr. M. Garth Mann started Statesman Homes as a single-family developer in the mid 1970’s. “Even back in the early years our slogan was


And it steadily remains our guiding principle today, Says Mann.

Our Value

Innovation means that the future resident must experience and witness a superior standard of services from our staff.

Innovation means a form of design and accommodation that suits the residents’ stage of life today and for the future.

Innovation means unparalleled expertise that anticipates your needs with single level living or living on multiple floors that are affordable.

Embark with us demonstrate to you, the innovations that determines the Statesman Group of Companies as the envy of our competitors.

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