Le Fevre & Company

Victoria, British Columbia

Le Fevre & Company

For over 45 years Chris Le Fevre has been hard at work bringing diverse housing, commercial and resort properties to life while still maintaining a solid grasp of the importance of heritage buildings and their place in the communities they occupy.

Chris Le Fevre arrived in Canada from England in 1970 and has been at the helm of his own real estate and property development company for over 45 years.

A self made man, Chris has never forgotten his humble beginnings and maintains that "affordability" be a key ingredient in all of his projects. He often goes 'where others fear to tread', and with unique hands on ingenuity. It has been said that his "rugby attitude" to life makes things happen, and this attitude has led him and his company to create and develop many diverse and successful projects.

The award-winning, heritage conversions in Old Town Victoria showcase Chris's passion for the old as well as the new, as he incorporates recycled materials in many elements of his modern designs. This is best expressed in the construction and operation of Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino, an oceanfront, resort getaway, that is an icon of West Coast lodging. As well, his ongoing heritage restorations in Victoria have created exciting affordable living spaces in historic buildings that might otherwise have fallen to the wrecker's ball.

The $300 million RailYards development on the inner harbour of Victoria offers a more contemporary interpretation of Chris's creative philosophy. This start-to-finish, Le Fevre project is an exciting showcase of well conceived and affordable, inner-city living.

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