The House Company

Edmonton, Alberta

About Us

The House Company is in a minority of Edmonton builders. We began 32 years ago, an architect and three carpenters, with the ambition to design and build houses to our own standards, to work in older neighbourhoods, where we lived, and avoid the suburban tract house paradigm. We designed craftsman houses - unique at the time - and modern houses, which no other company was then building. Over time we became the modern builder in the city - people recognized our projects and many told us they were long-time fans.

Now Edmonton has caught up and Modern is the style of choice, popping up everywhere, some very well designed, others well, not so good. But since the beginning we have worked with our clients to achieve their needs and wishes, and to reach a little further in style, plan, and quality than their expectations might have foreseen. We still do that. The original  architect now has his own practice, but the three carpenters are still here: David Poetker, now manager of operations, Graham Underwood, projects manager, and Jamie Thompson, (carpenter) with a professional degree in architecture. Many builders in the city have a designer on staff but none we know of has a graduate architect as owner. The most informed, thoughtful, and complete design experience, unified with seasoned management and highly skilled carpenters and sub trades, all in one company provides a seamless, easily endured, enjoyable, and successful project. See our testimonials here.

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