The House Company

Edmonton, Alberta

The House Company began in 1987 as three carpenters and an architect,

with an ambition to design and build houses to their own high standards with unique elements not seen in the broader Edmonton homebuilding scene. Over time, the company became one of the go to builders for modern residential construction, particularly in mature neighborhoods, and developed a recognition in the community not only for their particular design language but also for their focus on high levels of quality and care within each project.

As of 2022, the company is in the hands of the next generation of carpenters, who aim to carry on the values, legacy and reputation left by the previous ownership group. With a focus on sustainable and efficient home design and a keen interest in advanced building techniques, Mark and Isaac continue to push beyond the boundaries of cookie cutter building practises to provide clients with homes that will perform exceptionally now and years into the future.

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