Sorbara Group of Companies

Vaughan, Ontario

The Sorbara Group of Companies is a pioneering force in Ontario’s real estate industry. Having operated commercial, industrial, office and retail properties, managed residential rentals and built high-rise and low-rise communities for several decades, we have witnessed firsthand key changes in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market. This unparalleled wealth of experience has allowed us to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners, stakeholders, homeowners, tenants and employees.


We know your home or leased property is important to you. That’s why we make it a priority to deliver on the commitments we make.


We’ve grown over the years, but that hasn’t changed our dedication to integrity when we work with home buyers, tenants and our team.


We have established ourselves as forward-thinking industry leaders in design trends and construction practices as we’ve shaped the landscape of Ontario real estate.

75 Years of History

Over the past 75 years, we’ve built a thriving integrated real estate, planning, development, construction, investment and management firm. Given our established history, we’ve had the opportunity to make landmark contributions to the Greater Toronto Area, such as building Toronto’s first McDonald’s and performing the first residential loft conversion.

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