Smith Homes o/a Alberta Construction & Design Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta


You rush home after a busy day to throw dinner on the table quickly before you head to soccer practice, and the moment you arrive at home, you are tripping over shoes, backpacks– is that a lava lamp?! Before you even have a chance to reset for your family, you’re yelling. 


Thought so. 

You have enough fights to fight but does the daily nagging about the junk have to be one of them?

We don’t think so. 

Smith Homes builds custom homes for busy families, like yours.

We spend time with you to know exactly how you live so we can build you the exact spaces you need to tame the junk & actually enjoy your home… and family.

We are Krista & Brett, owners of Smith Homes.

We help busy families build efficient homes suited to their lifestyles. We know because we have our own busy family!

We design spaces for equipment, keys, bills, and the endless stream of kids’ artwork that makes its way into their backpacks each day.

Family looks different for everyone.

Whether you are building for the family you created or the one that you chose (friends can make the best family), your unique lifestyle becomes the inspiration for our design. 

You might have several reasons for wanting to build a new home; you might be looking for spaces to handle your mess, your work or your busy social life.

Either way, we will work with you to solve the everyday frustrations that chip away at your sanity & create a custom design that is tailored to how you live. 

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