Skill Tech Builders

West Kelowna, British Columbia

We are a custom construction and renovation company serving the Okanagan Valley.

Skilltech Builders was founded by Rodney Reid, a leading journeyman carpenter, cabinetmaker and building technologist with over three decades of experience building homes and managing large-scale construction projects.

Our vision is to help you build the highest quality home, including all the functionality, features and touches you envision, while informing and involving you along the way.

While the range of our client’s involvement in the design and building process varies, the one thing that remains constant is how important communication is. Given the number of ideas and decisions involved with building a luxury custom home, communication is vital to a smooth construction process. We value and offer open, clear, timely and transparent communication. It’s one of the reasons we don’t just build beautiful homes; we build solid relationships with our customers.  

We are skilled at calculating the impact and opportunity of design options and modifications on existing plans before hammer meets nail. This “3-Dimensional Foresight” enables our company to visualize how designs, and more importantly design changes, will appear once built.

At Skilltech, we take the extra time to do the job right. In doing so, we save time fixing deficiencies and create a more soundly built home. Some might call it measuring twice, cutting once, but it’s more than that. It’s total quality management. It’s why our homes look as beautiful and last as long as they do.

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