Signature Communities

Concord, Ontario

Endless improvement is in everything we do.

At Signature Communities endless improvement is simply in our nature. It’s a part of everything we do. It’s this philosophy that keeps us dreaming, exploring and learning. We strive to improve all we do, at every touch point. Yes, we constantly improve our materials. Yes, our designs are always innovative. But for us, it goes even deeper. Here are just a few examples of how we constantly push ourselves, and our partners to be better every day, and on every project.



Constant improvement means challenging the status quo, while embracing commonly used best practices. Often it also means thinking differently.

That’s why we employ a well-rounded team that can problem solve from different angles and disciplines. We’re constantly searching for best-in-class partners, trades people and suppliers. You know, the great ones who take pride in all they do. Being like minded with any partners is also essential. So along with seeking out talented partners, we work with those that want to be challenged and in turn, challenge us to be the best we can.

This results in innovate projects and a constant push to far exceed building code. We don’t believe in faint praise and sincerely want you to love your home.

When you work with talented partners, you need to trust their views, opinions and input. That collaboration is critical to us. Being a good collaborator also means doing the little things, like making payment promptly. None of this is possible without being inclusive and transparent with partners.

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