Schickedanz West

Calgary, Alberta

With almost 30 years of experience in western Canada, Calgary-based Schickedanz West is a well-established leader in unique recreational real estate and commercial development.

The cornerstone of our business is the Schickedanz five-point work ethic, which emphasizes hard work, independent spirit, a conservative approach, consensus among ourselves, and careful evaluation of the market. Through consistent adherence to these five core values, Schickedanz West has spearheaded dozens of successful developments in the Calgary vicinity and throughout the Canadian Rockies.

Schickedanz Bros. Ltd. grew rapidly, from four brothers working together to a staff of many, and from single-family homes to multi-family developments and large-scale commercial projects. Gaining renown from such work as the development of the entire Chipping Park subdivision in North York, Ontario, the brothers ventured as far south as Florida before beginning their explorations west.

Schickedanz West, born in the Calgary area in 1979, has a broad and impressive portfolio of residential, recreational and commercial real estate developments throughout Alberta and British Columbia. We have also undertaken ventures in select US locations including Oklahoma and, most recently, Eureka, Montana. Like our parent company, Schickedanz West has a deep respect for the environment and the contexts in which our award-winning developments exist.

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