Rosler Construction

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Rosler Construction 2000 Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dwayne Rosler and his father, Henry Rosler. Rosler Construction 2000 Inc. is proud to trace its roots all the way back to 1956, when it was known as H.W.J. Rosler Construction, and later, as Rosler Construction Ltd. In 1956, the focus was on housing and general construction in Saskatoon. The company expanded its focus in 1965 and began building grain bins. Now, Rosler Construction 2000 Inc. is one of only two dealers for Brock Grain Systems (formerly Butler Manufacturing Company) in the province of Saskatchewan. Brock's feed bin systems, on-farm grain systems, and commercial grain systems are all available through Rosler Construction 2000 Inc. 

Rosler Construction is committed to delivering quality grain handling and farm management products. We have a long track record of providing quality products and excellent service to our customers. 

Rosler Construction offers valuable solutions and advice to our customers in order to help them make the best decisions when it comes to grain management and marketing. We help our customers take advantage of the solutions that are right for them in order to maximize their profitability. 

Rosler Construction is a leader in innovation, and we will continue to keep our customers informed of the latest in technology and innovative products to stay on top of the industry's changing needs.

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