Rosehaven Homes Limited 

Oakville, Ontario

At Rosehaven Homes, there is no mistaking the difference that passion makes.

Our Passion drives people to go the extra mile.

This means that everyone in our company, from our president to the architects, from the designers to the sales staff, all the way to the tradespeople hammering each nail, has bought into the philosophy that every aspect of your home should be completed with the intention of exceeding expectations.

Our Passion inspires innovation where others encounter obstacles.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every home and every community is built to the high standards we have set, and continue to maintain, since 1992. We are driven to overcome rather than to succumb which results in the unique ideas that push everyone at Rosehaven to excel.

Our Passion results in the search for what is not only better, but best.

We cannot emphasize enough just how dedicated we are to going above and beyond and this means not stopping at just better, but always striving for the best. Perfect corners, beautiful accents, stunning curb appeal; it’s a culmination of all things, large and small, with no detail left unattended.

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