Rosecrest Homes Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta

Rosecrest Homes was established in October of 2006.  The owners of the company have been in the single family construction industry for over for over 39 years.  The company is family owned and operated.

The President- Heiko Lotzgeselle is a housing economist by profession and has 35 years experience selling with the Multiple Listing Service.   Heiko is a member of the Solar Society and is active in the yearly Eco Solar Tour.   He has enjoyed building homes since 1976.

Office Manager- Carol Lotzgeselle, has a keen eye and practical outlook to make sure that all Rosecrest's homes meet the approval of the customers and not just at the point of sale but more importantly beyond.  She will guide custom home builders with all of their choices. 

The Professional Site Manager- Mark Lotzgeselle, has now earned the designation of 'MASTER BUILDER', awarded by the Professional Home Builder's Institute of Alberta.  He has a keen interest in keeping our customers happy.

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