Rockford Group Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

About Rockford

Over 25 years ago, we saw the need for first time home buyers to affordably enter the housing market. Back then, Rockford stood alone as the only large multi-family building company of its kind in Calgary. Now, with 30 projects and over 3000 new builds, Rockford’s reputation stands firm and has evolved into one of Western Canada’s leading condominium builders.

Homes are deeply personal spaces where memories are made and lives are shaped.

At Rockford, we embrace the essence that a home is more than windows and walls. As a multi-award winning builder, we also exemplify the importance of craftsmanship and value. For over 25 years, we have worked diligently to establish a reputation of superior quality and outstanding service. As a result, our expertise leads to to a better building experience.

Let our skilled team at Rockford build your quality dream house, so you can make it your home.

Down to Earth Values

The best strategy for delivering value to our customers is through a mix of inspired and innovative thinking with a foundation of values and commitment. This is Rockford.

Safe and Sound

Intelligent design and class leading workmanship cannot happen without a deep commitment to safety. Rockford is COR certified and requires that all trade partners working on our sites are safety certified. We will not compromise the welfare of our stakeholders.

Rockford implements health and safety metrics to ensure local and national standards are met or surpassed and the safety and well-being of the Rockford team is advanced at all times.

Sustainability: A Brighter Future

Complementing our rigorous safety protocols is a comprehensive sustainability program. This includes construction waste recycling, the use of repurposed building materials, when applicable, and energy reduction strategies both on-site and in the office.

Rockford seeks solutions that are not only sustainable and environmentally sound but are also beneficial to communities, customers and neighbours. These results are economically viable, measurable and safe to implement with the latest technology to build greener homes.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Our mastery at Rockford leads to a better building experience. For over two decades, we have consolidated quality construction with outstanding service into award winning projects.

With quality and service, we walk the walk. Our Service and Warranty Program consists of checks to ensure your home is functioning as it should when we hand you the keys, and through its first year.

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