Rawlyk Developments Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

Our Story

At Rawlyk Developments we believe building a custom home or renovation is a once in a lifetime experience. There are many things to consider before hiring a project management company to turn your dreams into a sanctuary.

Passion & Process

We have a passion for how things are assembled; the process of putting it all together – The Rawlyk Way. What truly sets us apart is making the entire building experience an engaging & memorable one.

When we first began developing homes in established communities, we discovered a tried and true process that has remained consistent for over 25 years. Rawlyk Developments is honored each time we have the opportunity to build a client’s personal sanctuary. At the end of the day, it becomes more of a friendship than a business relationship.

As a custom home builder, we’ve worked hard to build trust within the community. Our unique way of processing, from budgets to information to creative decisions, has led our reputation and passion for proficiency.

Rawlyk Developments embraces our core values of honesty, passion, ambition and resourcefulness at every turn. We are the ‘go-to company’ for custom home building as we engage you in the process from the very beginning.

Our level of knowledge is unsurpassed for practical solutions. This gives us a unique advantage in helping clients through the custom home building or renovation process. It’s why we can always put your vision first and you have flexibility in every phase of the project.

Rawlyk’s boutique approach to building an exceptional home is unmatched in the homebuilding industry. We create a superior experience for you by personalizing everything to showcase your lifestyle.


We don’t just build homes, we build trust.

We do more than customize your home to your way of life; we customize the entire building experience to your needs and preferences. We have our own way of overseeing the construction of your home.



By putting the client’s vision first, we have acquired a knack for tailoring the building experience itself to each customer. No two homes we build are alike and similarly no two clients are exactly the same. We take the time to understand our clients’ expectations and we ensure complete transparency throughout the experience.



Each project begins with the client’s vision, whether it’s a fledgling idea or already on paper in the form of architectural drawings. We work together with a team including some of the best architects and interior designers in Calgary to hand selected trades and suppliers to complete the home. We are the point of contact between all parties involved.



Transparency is of the utmost importance in our company. We are committed to you enjoying not only your home, but the process to create it. Customer service is fundamental – We look after you, not just your home.



Our passion is the art of assembling architecture. Rawlyk Developments sees each project as a unique puzzle that needs to be put together beautifully, within a specific timeline and budget.

We build homes that are tailored to your lifestyle and homes that last for several generations. Each project is distinctive; Rawlyk gains new expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and possibilities in homebuilding with every undertaking.

Let us exceed your expectations. Be a part of a new standard.

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