Rafat Homes Inc.

Bolton, Ontario

Rafat Homes was founded by Rafat’s President Mr. Carlo Salim and Mr. Basil Fatouhi Hadad, the successful real estate agent at Remax brokerage.

Mr. Carlo Salim, the president and founder of Rafat General Contracting Group since 1988, who had a vision to create a one-stop source for construction projects. Mr. Salim established the company based on the foundation of trust, hard work, and a dedicated team of managers, supervisors and employees.

Basil F. Hadad is the #1 commercial agent at RE/MAX Infinite Inc. for the last 2 years, and with a platinum award in commercial and residential real estate under his belt. Mr. Hadad will contribute his knowledge and expertise into the birth of this sister company to Rafat Group. With his speciality area lying in the purchase and sale of vacant land and large commercial units, Mr. Hadad has the ability to hand pick the best location that will create value to both the structure and the land surrounding the various projects that will be taken on by this sister company, Rafat Homes.
The two together, bring a combination of resources and market analysis to create a company that both specializes in Real-estate and pre-construction projects.

Why Choose Us

It’s easy to buy a home nowadays, but it’s hard to find something you truly love. Renovating and fixing the things you aren’t happy with can get very expensive in a hurry. When choosing Rafat Homes, you can create your fully upgraded custom designed dream home for up to 20% less than other builders.

Big or Small, Rafat Homes does it all!

With the ability to build houses using internal sources, Rafat Homes has the upper hand in decreasing costs and maximizing overall value. Rafat General Contracting has developed and sustained many valuable relationships with other companies in the industry, and will utilize its resources to ensure the success of Rafat Homes. Already reputable for its use of high-quality materials, Rafat Homes will remain unique in the competitive world of pre-construction as we are determined to deliver superb results.

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