Qualico Developments West - Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta


Qualico’s visionaries and senior leadership

With five regions and corporate operations, it takes a dynamic and talented team to drive business goals and strategically plan Qualico’s future. Meet the leaders of Qualico.


Qualico’s reach, strength, and integrated model

Qualico is integrated across industry verticals, including single-family homebuilding, multi-family homebuilding, community development, properties (including commercial development and leasing, property management and investment properties), and building materials supply and service. Qualico is also involved in a number of multi-family projects in key US markets where Qualico partners with a developer to introduce residential properties to prime locations.


Eight locations within five regions

Qualico has permanent operations in eight cities in Western Canada and in Texas, US. Each of these locations belongs to one of our regions, which include Manitoba & Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, British Columbia, and the US. Get to know the work we do and the communities we serve. 


Qualico’s business units embrace an entrepreneurial spirit

In total, Qualico has over 40 sub-companies commonly called business units. Each of these business units falls under various business verticals. These verticals are single-family and multi-family homebuilding, commercial development and leasing, land acquisition and development, property management, and building materials supply and services.

In most regions, there can be several business units operating within a single vertical, such as single-family homebuilding. However, each business unit focuses on a specific segment of the market. Some business units may share the same name in different regions, but these brands each have a unique strategy or value proposition in their local market.


The ongoing path of Qualico’s success

The story of Qualico is the story of its founders, Dr. David Friesen and Katherine Friesen. Established in Winnipeg as a homebuilder, Qualico expanded to Calgary and Edmonton within five years. Today, Qualico is the largest privately-owned integrated real estate company in Western Canada.

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