Patterson Homes

Greely, Ontario


Patterson Homes has been buliding custom homes for over a decade. If you are contemplating building a distinctive custom home, then take sometime to find out about “Personal Building”, our way of saying you are not alone in this process.

A company and its reputation are like a building. They take much longer to build than to demolish.

You can have a beautiful home and a wonderful experience building it. The basis of Patterson Homes is that we can provide a positive building experience while maintaining excellent design, superb quality, luxurious amenities, good service and solid ethics. We call this “Personal Building“.

Personal Building means that we are building a home with you, not just for you. It also means that we are a small, attentive company, not a large, impersonal one. While large companies and excellence are not mutually exclusive, size can sometimes get in the way of achieving that personal commitment to excellence.

Service and Support
Customer Service is an integral part of our Personal Building process. It begins with the design of your home, continues through the selection of fixtures, hardware, appliances, floor coverings, etc. Basically, all the things that help personalize your home. These selections can be made at your convenience and at the location that best suits your schedule.

We will work closely with you during the selection process to make sure your building process is relaxed, professional and enjoyable.

Patterson Homes can make the building of your new home an enjoyable experience. We offer you personal attention every step of the way during the design process, the construction stage and after you take possession.

Later, Personal Building requires that we, the principals, schedule and oversee any warranty service that you require.

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