Parkland Homes Ltd.

Stony Plain, Alberta

Parkland Homes Ltd. started out pretty much the same way most builders start out. That is by building spec homes and the odd custom home when a client would want features not already available in one of the spec homes.

Custom homes are pre-sold homes. The home is sold and then built. Spec homes (speculative) are homes built first and then marketed and sold.

During this initial period of development, something remarkable happened. It was this; Parkland Homes Ltd. was able to sell each and every spec home built, in less than 30 days of completion, for more than 99% of asking price without exception.

Why did this happen?

There are two basic reasons, both of which are very important to home purchasers.

The first is quality – quality of construction, design, finishing and materials. Consumers, no matter what the price range, are always concerned about the quality.

The second is value. Parkland Homes Ltd. markets their homes at what we call "Market Value Pricing". In other words, the homes are priced fairly. This is why we have been able to sell our spec homes consistently for more that 99% of asking price. With careful consideration and comparison shopping, our customers have been able to justify paying our asking price.

Parkland Homes Ltd’s main focus is the construction of high quality yet affordable homes, targeting the purchaser ready to move up from their entry level home as well as the empty nester wishing to move to a home more suitable to their current requirements, yet not wanting to sacrifice the quality and style that they have become accustomed to.

Great emphasis and care is placed on the selection of quality trades and suppliers to ensure our philosophy of quality is carried on through each and every phase of the building process.

The building process is then followed up with a service program, which is designed to ensure that our customers homes will be a source of comfort and satisfaction as well as an excellent investment for years to come.

Our latest project is our new show home being built in Stony Plain.

This show home will first open May 25, 2002, however, the sales office will open March 30, 2002.

With this in mind, we would ask that when planning your next list of show homes to visit that you would include a stop at our new show home located in Stony Plain’s newest and finest development – Willow Park.

In summary, these two vital concepts, mentioned earlier, of high quality and market value pricing form the basis of our philosophy of building and selling and have been fundamental to our past success and they will be the key to our future.

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