Norman Homes Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia



In the preliminary stages of design we begin by designing your home to meet your budget. We discuss your needs and we design your home around your current lifestyle and your future plans and dreams. We work with your designer or architect right from the beginning or we can direct you to one of our designers. Prior to finalizing the design we do a detailed cost breakdown to ensure that we are on target with your budget and the finishing details are all being considered. During construction we complete monthly reviews of the costs and provide you with a financial report to make sure we are on track and there are no “surprises”. We meet as often as you want at your home during construction to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have. We are flexible and we love to discuss any ideas you may have or things you want to incorporate. Upon completion we provide you with complete systems manuals for your home and an above industry standard warranty system tailored for you to be a satisfied customer.

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