Newgrowth Fine Homes Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

Newgrowth Fine Homes has been providing exquisitely designed and constructed residencies in Calgary’s urban communities since 1998. Providing clients with outstanding experiences in both service and finished product are the cornerstones of our philosophy.


We excel at managing the home construction process. We build and sell exclusive homes, ready to move in.


We enjoy relationships with Calgary’s best trades, with highly trained and talented in-house craftspeople.


We offer complete design-build services for custom new homes and renovations.Providing your dream home is our priority.

Newgrowth Fine Homes  builds both custom homes and exclusive completed homes for sale. We usually build in Calgary’s terrific inner city and each and every home we have built is unique and different.

If you own property and would like to build a new home, we work closely with architects and designers and can help you find the one to design a home that fits your property, lifestyle and personality.

When you build a custom home, it is the realization of a dream, it’s where you’ll live (perhaps for decades) and of course it will be an important part of your investment portfolio. Working with someone you trust, respect and enjoy is crucial. We understand this.

There are many decisions to make and it can be a wonderful time in your life that we will help you plan, quote and build with efficiency. We are educated project managers so rest assured our custom project management process will suit you and your lifestyle.

We also build homes for sale, completed and ready to enjoy. 

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