New Amherst Homes (2279667 Ontario Inc.)

Cobourg, Ontario

A change of pace... a change of place.

Where generations live and laugh side-by-side. Where friendly front porches invite casual conversation and a simple smile. Where a gentle way of life gives way to a peaceful way of life.

Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, the architects behind New Amherst understand human nature - the need to communicate with one another - and have designed a community of unique homes, generous parks and gentle streetscapes to encourage a flourishing neighbourhood that allows for privacy on one hand and friendliness on the other.

Each home in New Amherst is built with care and quality in mind. Our builder has taken the time to interpret the 19th century architecture that graces the historic town of Cobourg and has adapted the region's traditional designs to suit today's lifestyle.

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