Nearctic Property Group

Edmonton, Alberta

We build space

Space to grow a family or a business requires the right foundation, a foundation built on the philosophy that great design is timeless and adaptable.  This long term perspective is built into our space.

Like our Alberta peers, we were fortunate to have considered an abundance of opportunities over the years. However, we chose to develop a dynamic, boutique firm and a conservative growth strategy. We opted to be selective to ensure our opportunities enjoyed the benefit of our focus so that we delivered consistently on our commitments.


Our mission is to create industrial, commercial and multi-residential communities. For Industrial and Commercial customers, we deliver value, utility and quality through productive working environments, that contribute to their bottom line.

For our residents, we deliver high-quality communities that are comfortable, livable and secure.

We have a culture of accountability, innovation, diversity and equality to ensure that our people can achieve excellence, growth and work within an environment that is happy, healthy and safe.

Our people deliver a pleasant and personable experience of the highest level for all customers and suppliers.


To be an intergenerational, multi geographical organization,
with a culture of excellence, that has positive impacts on our communities.

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