Mike Geric Construction Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia

Thoughtful, inventive and sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do

– Mike Geric Construction

Quality | Community | Innovation

Since 1968

The Geric family has been building quality homes in Royal Oak and surrounding neighbourhoods for almost 50 years. We take great pride in our reputation as a trusted, local developer who plans and builds each of our developments carefully managing their success every step of the way.

The Geric Way

We use a hands-on approach to develop projects that contribute to our communities. We are truly invested in the community we call home and have nurtured relationships with our neighbours, our customers and the people who work with us to build quality homes again and again. Thoughtful and responsible planning, design and construction go into everything we do so every home we build is one that we would want to call home ourselves.

Building Green

We use Built Green Gold standards to create healthy living spaces and energy efficient homes. In each project we build, we ‘up our game’ when it comes to cost-effective, smart technologies that provide savings for our homeowners. Central heating and cooling instead of baseboard heaters, central solar-assisted hot water and advanced soundproofing are just a few.

We Build Homes not ‘Units’

As a longstanding, local developer who has built more than 1,500 new homes, Mike Geric Construction has a deep understanding of what makes a new condo or townhouse truly feel like a home. We’re not in the business of building ‘units’ because we care about how people feel about their new home. Instead of ‘buying off the shelf’, we offer extensive customization to help our customers create their ideal home.


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