Metropolitan Hospitality Management Ltd. or Metropolitan Capital Partners

Victoria, British Columbia

We are a Team of Industry Experts

Metropolitan Hospitality Management (Metropolitan) is focused on hospitality development. We bring together more than 100 years of management experience. We pride ourselves on creating profitable, enduring, and sustainable results for ownership and staff. We are well recognized for our award-winning developments and customer service. We have overseen more than $300 million in capital projects, currently control $150 million in assets, and manage each with an aim to improve customer and staff experience, while conserving the environment.

We provide a comprehensive real estate property management platform. Our experience is broad and deep, and our management team is dedicated to enhancing capital value and long-term return on investment. We are focused on improving income, managing costs, and reducing risk. Metropolitan is committed to strong governance. We operate on the basis of transparency, integrity, and ethics while focusing on growth, security, and community.

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