Metrontario Investments Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario

Metrontario's initial business consisted of house construction which evolved into several areas of real estate development and investment. These include the production of lots for residential builders; construction, ownership and management of shopping centres, office buildings and rental apartment buildings; and the construction and marketing of condominiums and single family homes in Canada, the United States and Israel. Each project, whether commercial or residential, is built to high standards and it is these standards which have become the hallmark of the Group's work.

In addition, the Group has expanded and diversified its business ventures to include the production of a soil stabilizer for road construction and soil brick making (AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions), high quality geographic and environmental tours (Ro'im Olam), a unique method of inland seaweed production for the food and other industries (Seakura Products From Nature) and the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging, therapy and research (Isotopia). These enterprises are all innovative and exciting additions to the Group and share its core values.

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