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Kanata, Ontario

An innovative new concept from Metric Homes
From the outside, you are looking at a large single family home that blends into the subdivision it is built in. What you are really seeing though, are two completely separate dwellings with their own private entrances, including common areas between them. You are looking at a concept pioneered in Ottawa by Metric Homes: The Home Within A Home. This concept allows two family units to live independently of each other in the same home because each dwelling has its own electrical, water and heating system. There is also fireproofing between each home for added security.

The two homes in one advantage
By pooling resources, multigenerational families can live in a neighbourhood that may be beyond their reach otherwise. Backyard amenities (e.g. decks, pools) can be shared from a cost and maintenance perspective. The older generation may not want to live in an “adult lifestyle” community and can continue to live independently while having the comfort of knowing that help is next door. Grandparents see more of their grandchildren, and parents wishing to travel have the added security of not leaving their home empty for weeks or even months at a time. This concept offers the best of both worlds: the opportunity for quality family time while still enjoying privacy and independence. Regardless of the reasons, a Home Within A Home provides a greater sense of family for all generations!

There are different ways to achieve a Home Within A Home. From a two-storey home with an attached bachelor apartment or bungalow, to two completely separate but attached two-storey family homes, the Home Within A Home concept is a way for you and your family to assist each other in achieving your dream lifestyle in your dream location.

As with all Metric homes, we work with you to custom design your dream home. Click on the link below for some design inspiration.

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