Mayfair Custom Homes

Toronto, Ontario

Luxury Custom Home Builder in Toronto.

Mayfair is custom builder and we always focus on our clients. Our concern is to know you, your lifestyle, your dreams and passions and above all your wish list to make your home is your dream.

We will quest to find about, what your soul desires are? We don’t impose our “style” on your project; rather we help you understand the style and let you choose the best one. We translate your dream into reality by studying the neighbourhood you are living in, so your home is the true picture of your community.

Mayfair Homes never try to inflict our discretion, or to give the same plan to more than one client. Your home will be a dream abode with a superb blend of consultants and specialists that includes interior designersBIM 3D renderingkitchen designersfacade designers, lighting designers and landscape designers.

Each project we create is uncommon and a class of its kind. Our goal is to stay on top of the latest trends with our real-time monitoring of newest resources, while taking on the rich interior design and architecture. Every season we visit furnituretextile and home accessories shows the world has to offer. We keep our spirit up with books, lectures, tours, blogs and frequent visits to the classical architectural sites.

Driven by qualified personnel, and disciplined organizational approach, our company ensures that every client gets our best services. We are dedicated to your home building project, from the earliest planning decisions to the final placement of accessories and novelty in design.

We want to be a part of your endeavor. As we are constantly in touch with developershome builderscontractorsarchitects, lighting designers and landscape professionals, we smooth up your project with our integrity. As a team player, we manage your deadline and the budget.

We are aware that the beginning of a journey has always been just as important as the last destination. The moments while we create a unique living environment for you, are the combination of hard work and flashes of humor, which will leave a long lasting impression on you. You will have an unparalleled feeling of reassurance. We are at the peak of our consistency in terms of professional know-how and devoted services.

We love to do what we are doing as a luxury custom home builder in Toronto. Wouldn’t you give us a chance to serve you as your contractor, so you will get your dream home from trustworthy custom home builder.

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