Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia



Maximilian Huxley Construction builds and renovates homes that are meant to be lived in. In business since 1999, we treat homeowners—and their homes—with the utmost in care and respect. Company founder and head contractor, Max Huxley, establishes a warm connection with all of his clients and personally oversees every project along with the expertise of his team.

We recognize that your home is more than just construction materials, design schemes and plans; it needs to reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic. In every aspect of our operations, we are committed to a standard of excellence and offer superior service and outstanding quality at an affordable price. Our staff is small, and that’s the way we like it because it allows us to create a more personalized experience for our clients. We manage a few projects at a time, ensuring that each one meets our highest standards.

Maximilian Huxley Construction is a proud member of the Victoria Home Builders Association and the Canadian Federation of Small Businesses. We are a registered homebuilder with the Home Protection Office and we are guaranteed by Travelers Insurance.



Since it was founded in 1999, Maximilian Huxley Construction has set a standard of building excellence and embraced a philosophy of exceptional customer service, outstanding craftsmanship and scrupulous attention to detail.

In keeping with our vision of providing superior custom homes and renovations, we are proud to employ a knowledgeable, skilled and personable staff. Working with us, you get one of Victoria, BC’s only construction companies to offer in-depth budgets, time lines, and decision lists, including the option for fixed price contracts. Every project begins on a foundation of trust and confidence as we bring your visions to fruition through first-rate service and workmanship. We are diligent in ensuring that jobs are completed cost-effectively and stay within your financial and time constraints, while still maintaining a high standard of quality and meeting your needs in terms of function and design. With Maximilian Huxley Construction, the journey is as enjoyable and engaging as the final product itself.

“We actually target the middle to higher end market, but where I say higher end I mean higher quality that is then recognized as high end. There are standards we won’t go below.” - Max Huxley, owner

When you spot our sign around town, you’ll see for yourself why we have come to be known for our high standards of tidiness with our worksites, trailers and trucks. You’ll see, too, why we are well known in the municipalities of Greater Victoria—including the District of Oak Bay, District of Saanich and City of Victoria—for being one of the most well-respected custom home builders and residential building contractors in the community. What’s more, we foster positive relationships with the people who live in the homes surrounding yours. After all, they’re your neighbours!

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