Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia

About Us

We build and renovate homes of all styles and sizes, recognizing that your home needs to reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic. Committed to a high standard, we offer superior service and outstanding quality, with our small team allowing us to create a more personalized experience for our clients. By managing only a few projects at a time we ensure that our standards for workmanship and customer service are upheld.

Our Philosophy


ince it was founded in 1999, Maximilian Huxley Construction has set a standard of building excellence and embraced a philosophy of exceptional customer service, outstanding craftsmanship and scrupulous attention to detail.

In keeping with our vision of providing superior custom homes and renovations, we are proud to employ a knowledgeable, skilled, and personable staff. Every project begins on a foundation of trust and confidence as we bring your visions to life through first-rate service and workmanship.

When you spot our sign around town, you’ll see for yourself why we have come to be known for our high standards of tidiness with our worksites, trailers and trucks. What’s more, we foster positive relationships with the people who live in the homes surrounding yours. After all, they’re your neighbours!


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