Mada Construction Ltd.

Victoria, British Columbia

At MADA, we recognize that the success of our work depends entirely on the skill and dedication of our crew. We keep our crew small so that we can maintain quality and confidence in the work of each crewmember. With a core team of craftsmen and trades-people, we maintain a positive, responsive, and motivated work environment. We have the capacity to take on any project, but our core skills include framing, foundation work, fine furniture making, finishing and solid labour. We take pride in being family owned and operated.

MADA was founded by Adam Nagasaki: a 3rd generation builder with 18 years of experience and a passion for contemporary design, architecture, and character restoration. Having grown up in a construction family, amidst constant renovations, Adam has a profound familiarity with and sensitivity to the process (including timelines and budgetary considerations), as well as excellent relationships within the construction community.

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