Loyal Homes

Port Alberni, British Columbia

Loyal Properties Inc. was founded in 2004 by Gene Hunt.

Gene Hunt has a successful track record in the real estate industry, including several real estate investments and Construction Projects in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Living in Fort McMurray Alberta for 35 year he knows the area very well. Have built many Homes in Fort McMurray. 22 years of successful business management experience. Loyal Properties Inc & Loyal Homes Inc is based in Fort McMurray, Alberta. We offer our best efforts to our home buyers, to our partners and investors.

How We Got Started

We offer investors the ability to source, manage and profit from reputable real estate investing practices. The combined experience and skills of Loyal Properties Inc. has developed a business framework where investors and company shareholders benefit.

Through Loyal Properties Inc. ability to source unique and often unavailable investment opportunities thus creating a WIN-WIN situation for the investor Joint Venture partner. To the home owner we are always trying our best to get thing completed as fast as we can and the best there is.

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