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Edmonton, Alberta


When Harry Stepper and Burke Perry founded Look in 2002, I’m not sure what their vision or goals were. When I joined them in 2003 I didn’t really know what we would become as a company. I didn’t have a grand business plan that we would follow to lead to our success, I believed that if we were passionate about we did, cared more, worked harder, and constantly tried to change lives nothing but good could come of that.

2022 is a milestone in our Look journey as we celebrate 20 years in business. The journey to 20 has not been easy but journeys worth taking never are. We have achieved some great things along the way as a team but what has inspired me the most is not the number of homes we have built, but the lives we have changed and the relationships that have been created.

What started off as us wanting to be one of the best builders in the Edmonton area has grown to the formation of the Look Stepper Group and home building in both Edmonton and Calgary. We have had 1600 families entrust us to build their home, it’s truly been an honour that I have never taken for granted. We realize that every person has a choice and we have to earn that trust every single day.

The past 20 years has brought some significant changes at Look but what has remained a constant is our teams’ dedication to our core values and never losing site as to how we started. Look would not be where it is today without the commitment we have had from all of our key team members.

I often get asked what does the next 20 years look like? I’m not really sure. Like Burke and Harry who bet on myself, I guess I have done the same with some of the key people in our organization. What I do know is I’m excited to watch where their drive and passion takes us.

I invite you to navigate our website or visit one of the great communities that we build homes in. If your one of our existing homeowners, I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to have served you. If you are just getting started in your search and should go on from here to become a Look homeowner, I know your home will be one that you love.

Life is short, enjoy every minute of it and most importantly love your home.

From our family at Look to yours I wish you all the best.

Dan Brazinha

President/Managing Partner

Look Stepper Group of Companies

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